Monday, 9 May 2011

What your beach towel says about you!

How lucky are you!  Turkey has never seen the like of this before.  Meet  Kalkan's newest phenomenon. More mysterious than Mystic Meg, more extraordinarily talented than an X factor contestant ( in round 1); please  welcome Mademoiselle Serviette Deplage. With a swift rub-a-dub-dub  her quite amazing powers  will leave you lost for words. So here, on Enjoy Kalkan,  discover what your beach towel says about you!
Twister Towel
Twister beach towel game from paramountz
You’re fun loving and sociable, with a taste for a little friendly competition!  Kalkan is the perfect resort for you - its welcoming and happy atmosphere will be spot on.  Twister towel lovers, you  might enjoy a spin round the bay on a banana boat or pedalo from  Kalamar Bay beach club.  I  also forsee you loving the twists and turns of a trip to the Saklikent Gorge.  If possible, put off any planning applications for a month or two as you may find yourself tied up with red tape. Your lucky colour is yellow and the letter K will be important to you.
The Twister towel is one of a number of great beach towels available (at time of writing) from .
Toy Story towel
toy story towel
It’s all about friendship and good times for you!  You love excitement and prefer to be leaping in the infinity pool or diving in the sea rather than lazing around.  Good for you!  Using up all that energy will mean you’ll be ready for a hearty lunch or a slap up meal in the evenings - and where better than one of Kalkan’s many wonderful restaurants.  I see smiles wherever you go in Kalkan.  Your lucky number is 3 and you will meet someone special with a Y in their name.
Toy story towel available online from
Pirate towel
pirate towel
It’s up the main sail and out to sea for you.  Your heart is craving hidden treasure and you have no time to waste.  So get down to Kalkan harbour and decide which of the boats will be your vessel for the day and get exploring!  You may want to go a little further afield and explore an ancient sunken Lycian city in the Kekova area.  Dive in and swim in those ancient crystal clear waters - awesome. Your lucky colour is red and you will find the letter S is important to you.
Wandering Hands Towelwandering hands towel
You're in the mood for love and romance.  Kalkan has it in spades, so this could be your lucky holiday!  Why not treat yourself to a turkish bath to get yourself into perfect condition for when Cupid decides to strike!  Your lucky number is 2 and you will meet someone with an O or U in their name.
Hippy towel
love towel
You want peace: world peace and individual peace, inner and outer peace - just peace. Kalkan is for you.  Stretch your towel out - somewhere with a beautiful view of that bay, not hard in Kalkan, and just go for it.  Let peace overtake you.  Then, when you’re fully chilled go forth and spread the message of peace and love throughout Kalkan - in the bars and restaurants, bazaar and beach clubs.  You may well notice just how successfully you’ve spread the word. Your lucky colour is white and you will find happiness and maybe a friendship bracelet somewhere starting with the letter D.
Wads of dosh towel
wads of dosh towel
Time to polish up your medalion and get your latest Rolex on. You need to go places and get spending!  I suggest you start at the Thursday market in Kalkan, where you will find a huge selection of jewellery and 'genuine fake' designer sunglassses and watches to perfect your image.  I forsee you promenading along the harbourside in the evenings. a truly dazzling sight to behold.  Restaurant choices abound in Kalkan so maybe could choose a different one each night before hitting the dance floor later. The letters M, C and I could be lucky for you, particularly after midnight.
Mademoiselle Serviette Deplage will return soon with some more amazing beach towel forecasts.
She is even offering some free reading for any Kalkan lovers who would like one. Simply log on to the Enjoy Kalkan forum and send a picture (or even a description) to be professionally analysed by Mademoiselle Serviette Depl

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