Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Wow! That is how we all reacted when we arrived in Seville early on a Sunday morning in May. Our taxis followed thousands of racing cyclists as travelled alongside the Guadalquivir River to the centre of of the city. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and Seville looked beautiful. There were nine of us in the British group: four staff and five students and we all had a wonderful time, from the moment we landed to the the moment we set foot back in England. We would like to thank everyone who made this such a wonderful week - and also share with you some of our most special moments.
Crossing the bridge to Triana

On our first day we explored a little, including crossing the bridge to Triana. We were puzzled by the padlocks on the railings, but someone explained they were there because lovers put them there - and threw the keys into the river.  How romantic!

Our first Spanish tapas


We also had our first tapas! We enjoyed it very much!  In England it is usual to have one large plate for a main meal , with some meat or fish, vegetables or salad and potatoes, pasta or rice all together.
I think it is different in every country. It's a good job food is the subject of our project - it gives us an excuse to try lots of different styles of eating!.
We loved walking along by the river - and even going on a boat under some of the bridges.
Resting in a shady park.
Resting again! We did move sometimes you know!
We were very impressed by your huge cathedral and the fantastic palace of Alkazhar!

 Mark Nicholls was very excited to discover some of Star Wars was filmed here!
 We really enjoyed a very interesting day at your school.  Thankyou for making it so interesting.  We were impressed with how well everyone spoke English.
The flamenco dancers were fabulous - as was the rest of the programme we enjoyed during the show at your school.  You are all so talented - pupils and teachers!
Very beautiful and talented young ladies.  We applaud you!
Thank you from Sonny, Sonya, Sol, Aidan, Elena, (our students) and Barbara, Jill, Mark and Clare (staff).  We had a wonderful time with you in Seville and can't wait to see some of you in Brighton next year!