Friday, 12 August 2011

Tasty Turkish treats in Kalkan

Kalkan, Turkey does food really well - and that's understating it. Looking back at my recent stay here these are ten of my top tasty morsels in some of our favourite places. The pictures show the places. not necessarily the food.  This is because we tended to leap, slavering onto the delicious grub when it was brought to us and only thought about pictures when we'd finished eating!
1. Iced cherries - Doy Doy
Iced cherries on the bar.  Charli, Koray, Caroline, Clare and Dave behind.

2. steak salad - kulube beach restaurant
Kulube beach club restaurant - 10 m from sea and sunbeds - perfect place, perfect food.

3. Sea bass with blue cheese sauce - Doy Doy
True, no food again - but you can see we were happy and well fed!

4. Kebab takeaway from Cafe Vita
Cafe Vita had some great food and we loved our take-away

5. jaipur chicken curry, steak with stilton sauce and salmon with mustard sauce - Saffron

This pic doesn't do Saffron justice - must find another.  The food was excellent here

6. breakfast at Sulleyman's - Sulleyman

Sulleyman was our taxi driver who invited us to his home for a Turkish breakfast. Wonderful

8. chicken shish kebab - bread and more
Such a fun night - great floor show!

9 seafood tagliatelle - Fener cafe
Loved Fener cafe and our lovely waiter.  He came from Efes, Izmir!

10 broccoli soup and other delicious things - Doy Doy
Hey!  That was our wine!!!

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