Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dear Fairy Godmother,

Dear Fairy Godmother, Where have you been? I've not seen or heard from you recently. Last year you seemed to be around quite a lot, and life seemed on the exciting side - but this year, I've found you absent and rather missed you. The dreams are there, plenty of them, but there seems to be a problem with them coming true. This can be a little disappointing and frustrating. I'm sure you know what I mean.
The thing is that I need you here to whisper in my ear that you believe in me. Sometimes I'm full of myself and can see life leaping and dancing away with me in the driving seat, off on adventures here, there and everywhere. But, then the shitty bits of life invade, rather rudely, and scare my dreams away. People call it reality, but it's not the only reality, is it? There I go again you see, questioning and mistrusting myself. I need you, fairy godmother, to tell me to stop the nonsense and stick to the dreams coming true path. Just to remind you, here are 3 of my top dreams. No particular order, any dream will do. (I think there's a song there...)

1 Travel. I want to go places. Turkey is pretty high on my list, but I'm flexible! What will I do there? Explore, write, teach, enjoy!

2 Try things: climb mountains, sail seas, ski beautiful mountains, paraglide off cliffs etc. You only live once and I want to try more stuff.

3 Work on a film. I love making films, but I'd love to be involved with a bigger budget one. Maybe my son can help with that one...

Ok, so that's it for now. I'm not one of these people who think that every dream should come true. But if you're reading this FG then I'd really appreciate you stirring in a little bit of magic for me, just to get things moving. Thanks

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